Jurassic Pork Gelatin

I re-watched Jurassic Park today for the first time in about 10 years. I have to say, it blew me away. They sure don’t make em like they used to, do they? Genuinely thrilling – from start to finish.

But it’s not without it flaws. I noticed this glaring continuity error towards the end of the film – just before the kids have a harrowing encounter with a raptor.

Near the start of the film, Lex (played by Ariana Richards) claims that she is a vegetarian…

…however, just before the kids encounter a raptor in the cafeteria Lex can clearly be seen with a bowl of green jelly (or Jello if you’re American) She holds the spoon up to her mouth, more than ready to take a bite. We don’t know if she has eaten any or not by this point, but we have to assume she probably has as it’s implied that the kids have been enjoying the buffet for a while. She at the very least clearly intends to consume the wobbly green jelly.


But is Lex not aware of how many different jelly brands use pork gelatin as a binding agent? Some don’t… but most do! And seeing as this glorious buffet spread was laid out before the kids even entered the cafe, how can she truly know whether it’s vegetarian society approved or not?

Now, this might not be a continuity error at all. Spielberg uses clever imagery throughout the entire film to make broader points – like the raptor literally projected in DNA code, or a shot of a raptor eating a man’s face then juxtaposed by a similar shot of Dr. Alan Grant giving the young Tim mouth-to-mouth resuscitation (demonstrating humanity’s relentless efforts to find a way). Maybe Lex and the jelly are there to show us how easily we can let our morals and ethics fall by the wayside.


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