Brightonandonandon 15 & 16

Brightonandonandon #15 – Martyna


The woman in the interview asked Martyna if she’d ever suffered from conditions such as hypothermia before. Martyna said “No”, although she didn’t know what hypothermia meant.

Martyna’s first day of work was difficult. The conditions were cold and a lot was being demanded of her. Every half an hour, her supervisor would open the fridge door and shout in:

“Martyna! How cold is it?”

And Martyna would try her best to make an educated guess.

“I think… about it is 2 degrees!”

Martyna’s English wasn’t great, but over time it stopped being an issue. Martyna had proved that she was not only the most hard working (putting in overtime wherever she could) but she also had an uncanny ability to guesstimate degrees with unbelievable accuracy.

It wasn’t long before Martyna was being offered a position in the freezer. As flattered as she was to have her skills valued, Martyna informed her employers that she would be leaving. She explained to them that she hadn’t ever intended to stay there much longer than a few months.

Martyna’s employers informed her that she had misread the job application. This was a PERMANENT TEMP JOB. She had to give at least a month’s notice.

Martyna stepped into the freezer and the large metal door bolted behind her.

“Oh…” Martyna whispered to herself in realisation. “Temp Job… I get it”


Brightonandonandon #16 – The Number 23


Ronnie and Sharique both stopped at the lights, their bus driver’s cabins meeting up perfectly with parallel precision. Ronnie had the 48 towards Churchill Square, and today Sharique was driving the 23 to Lewes going in the opposite direction. Sharique stuck his thumb up and nodded.


Ronnie reckoned the red light would remain red for a while, so he turned off the engine.

“Ello’ Sharry ya daft sod! You driving the old 23 today?”

“Yeah man, yeah. Number 23 init?”

Ronnie reached for the window winder and wound it right the way down. Stretching one heavily tattooed Popeye style arm out, he and Sharique locked their palms together.

Sharique looked uncomfortable when Ronnie refused to let go.

“Oi mate, whatyoudoin? I know this is Brighton and that but I ain’t like that am I?”

Ronnie started to pull on Sharique’s arm.

“Oi man, that’s hurting now init. Let go man.”

Ronnie yanked Sharique so hard that he slid right out of his driver’s cabin through the window and hung down like a ragdoll beneath the side window of the 48, his feet just touching the road. Ronnie then proceeded to lift Sharique up and through his bus window.

“Ow Man! Let go! What are you doing?”

Ronnie placed Sharique in the driver’s seat and opened the cabin door, taking care to detach his change pots.

Ronnie addressed his passengers.

“Sorry folks, just changing drivers. Won’t be a minute.”

Sharique tried opening the driver’s cabin but Ronnie locked it.

“Oi man, what you doing? This is your route! I’m not doing your route!”

Ronnie got onto the number 23 towards Lewes and started up the engine. His engine.



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