Brightonandonandon 12,13 & 14

Brightonandonandon #12 – Confidence


Everyone in the Support Group moved away from Charlie. Charlie blushed and looked down at the floor.

“I said I’ve not got good CONFIDENCE.”

Charlie got up and walked over to the door of the church scout hall. Just before leaving, he turned back to the group.

“You have ONE accident and no one lets you forget about it.”


Brightonandonandon #13 – Tea Cups


Pierce stood at the end of the pier and peered out as far as he could peer. Other than a red light blinking in the distance, all was black.

He felt sick as a Dog, but that was the point wasn’t it? The tea cups’ll do that to a man (particularity if they’re peppered with a snifter of Southern Comfort)

Celeb, who was Pierce’s friend a few hours ago was now nothing more than a blurry noise behind his back. Pierce breathed the salty air deeply into his nostrils. He felt better now. He felt great.

“You know what Caleb? I think I can do it. Yeah, it’s totally doable. I’ll meet you by the shore in 20 minutes… Tops.”

By the time Caleb reached the end of the pier Pierce was gone. Celeb peered out as far as he could peer, but saw nothing more than a red blinking light.


Brightonandonandon #14 – Tedster


Teddy tore off the wrapping paper in a deranged frenzy. Tossing the tissue aside, Teddy gazed upon his box. It was HUGE! Teddy reckoned there must be at least 10 Easter Eggs stuffed in there. Gosh, TEN EGGS!

“Go on then Tedster. Open it up” Bertie, Teddy’s Dad smiled and gripped one hand proudly onto his elastic suspenders.

“Happy Easter, lamb chop.” Teddy’s Mum Veronica beamed. She ruffled his hair as she took a bite of hummus.

Teddy reached into the box and pulled out something. Something that wasn’t a chocolate egg. Something with wheels.

“What is this Mummy?”

Bertie and Veronica shuffled around awkwardly in their chairs.

“Daddy? DADDY!?”

“It’s a pressie Teddy. An Easter gift.”

Teddy looked down at the tiny wooden bicycle.

“Is it a… Bicycle?”

“Sort of Poppet. It’s actually a classic wooden toy. It was frightfully expensive.”

Teddy sat on the classic wooden toy and searched around with his feet.

“It doesn’t have any pedals…”

“Classic wooden toys don’t need them Teddy Bear. That’s why they cost more.”



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