Thinking About Grayson Perry

I’ve just been watching Grayson Perry’s Dream House, and it’s got me thinking about Grayson Perry. I think about Grayson Perry sometimes anyway, but because I’m watching one of his programs, I’m thinking about him a bit more intensely. He’s really great isn’t he? An artistic force of nature. His pottery, his tapestry, his (Julie’s) house, his writing, his programs, his alter-ego and his bear – all have a seemingly focused direction & I reckon look pretty timeless. But that’s just the base level isn’t it?

The documentaries are a revelation to me because they’re so exposing and heartwarming. More than most other artists, he’s working to put himself out there and make his art (and all art) accessible.

And also, he just generally makes you feel alright about being an oddball.

So, ta for that.



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