Brightonandonandon 1 – 3

Last year I wrote seventeen (very) short stories about the city of Brighton and the people who live here. The series was called Brightonandonandon and I’m going to post them on here now in bite sized chunks (because I like the idea of recycling despite acknowledging how futile it is). I have been thinking of writing some more lately. 

Three of them are down there 


Brightonandonandon #1 – Nose Ring

The woman with the nose ring waited for the Clerk to answer. “Doc Martens for a dog? You’ll need to buy 2 separate pairs.” The woman stuffed £105 back into her tartan trousers, huffed and left the shoe shop.


Brightonandonandon #2 – Wifi

Liam and Craig refreshed their Wifi settings for the ninth time that morning. Why weren’t the phones picking up Starbucks’ signal? It had always just worked before.

“I really want to share this picture I took of my ankle” Craig whimpered, as he glanced forlornly towards a cloud.

Liam placed one hand over Craig’s and whispered into his ear:

“I’ll put my Bluetooth on and you can share it with me.”


Brightonandonandon #3 – Hen Night

Debbie got the vibe that Sharon wasn’t enjoying the Hen Night she’d planned for her.

She’d remembered the pink sashes, tiaras and even the WKD blue’s, but the girls didn’t seem to be enjoying the pre-drinks entertainment.

Sonia was the first to leave the Poultry Abattoir, followed shortly by Monica and Emz. Sharon pretended she was into it for a few more minutes, but then told Debbie that she’d meet her later down the Wetherspoons on West Street.

Debbie watched some chickens go through the pulping hatch as she stood alone, holding onto a willy shaped foil balloon.

At least she was having a good time.




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