Long Live The Ghosts

I just wanted to share this great interview with the philosopher Jacques Derrida, who I’ve been trying to get my head around lately, talking about ghosts & the nature of cinema.

I love the idea of cinema at it’s most interesting being “the art of ghosts, a battle of phantoms”. It’s magnificent watching the interview, many years after Derrida’s death – as he speaks it all. I’ve read some Derrida stuff pertaining to how a photograph of a person is potentially always of a dead person, being that we’re all going to die & one day someone will see that photo (or video, or film) and you’ll still be dead and the photo wouldn’t have ever changed. I dunno if I really understand it all, but when I read Derrida it makes my head hurt in a good way.

“Now the telephone is the ghost” – Did Derrida have an answering machine and how much phenomenology could he have RUNG out of that?

I wonder what Derrida would have thought about all these new forms of entertainment we have now. Like Vloggers, who are certainly already dead (on the inside anyway).

“long live the ghosts”


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